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The unconscious has a language and a nature of its own. The Centerpoint Courses open this world to those who search for the meaning of their lives and for values rooted in something richer than the dictates of the current culture. Its written works, self-guided courses and newsletters bring the wisdom of the inner world into dialogue with the reality of the outer world. The Courses draw from the insights of C. G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, and generations of respected Jungian analysts.

Starting Point: Questpoint

Questpoint is designed for people with little or no psychological background. The Questpoint course paints Jung’s concepts in broad brush strokes. Participants gain a sound orientation, a comfort level with the language, and a familiarity with some of the pillars of the psychological and mythological world. Complete in nine sessions, it includes three CDs and transcripts with a glossary and suggested resources.

Centerpoint Basic Courses

Centerpoint has grown by word of mouth to become the focus of thousands of people in coteries (small groups) throughout the United States and internationally. The profound understandings that emanate from these audio CDs have intrigued lay people and professionals alike. C. G. Jung is a pervasive presence throughout the courses, but far from alone as the presentations draw from those who followed in his footsteps and from related fields of inquiry.

Centerpoint is the cornerstone of a series of courses offered by Centerpoint Foundation International. Each course is presented on audio CDs and accompanied by a workbook-styled copy of the transcripts.

Centerpoint, in three courses, explores Jung’s life-giving dimensions and nuances of these concepts in a sequential progression. Centerpoint courses draw from C. G. Jung’s prolific writings and the published works, lectures, and interviews of international leaders in the field. A rich library of myths, fairy tales, and folklore complements these scholarly explorations. Together they offer a blueprint of the structures and forces that govern the unconscious. The emphasis throughout all courses is for participants to discover and develop their personal relationship to what is evoked by the content of the sessions. In essence, they discover the blueprint of their own psyche.

Centerpoint I

Centerpoint II

Centerpoint III

Centerpoint Advanced Short Courses

Vantage Point courses are short (5-7 sessions), and build on a knowledge of basic Jungian concepts to explore dimensions of the personality, the imagery of mythology and religion, the world of dreams, and the dynamic relationship between consciousness and the unconscious. The content of each course is recorded on 2 or 4 CDs and transcribed in a manual that includes suggested breaks and questions that stimulate critical thinking, reflection and dialogue with the concepts.

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