A Moment In Time CDs

A Moment in Time CDs

Author: Chandler “Chink” Brown
Narrator: Chandler Brown
Sessions: 5
Time: 2 hours per session
Transcript Length: 38 pages
2 CD Set

A Moment In Time CDs
For those who wish to listen to the course content and follow along with the workbook, this 2 CD set may be added for $25. Author: Chandler “Chink” Brown Narrator: Chandler Brown Sessions: 5

Helpful Prerequisite: The Threshold


How often do we hear ourselves or others say, “There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done!” This is particularly true of the western world of North America and most of Europe. We always seem to be trying to eke out another hour for our work or play.

This Vantage Point course, A Moment in Time, tells us of other concepts of time, discusses each concept of time value, and how each can be experienced. Perhaps it may even help participants discover how much time we really have. The course does not recommend one perception of time over another, but it does expand our awareness of the wide differentiation in the cultural beliefs and experiences of time that exist throughout the world.

The five sessions explore not just quantity of time but also the quality of time. The first two sessions are about the Christian, Greek and Gnostic concepts of time, those most familiar to us, as well as the I Ching. The last three sessions present ideas from such authors as Maurice Nicoll, Alan McGlashan and Amy Allenby, about time orders, living in the now, the place of time in the mystery of life, the moment that qualifies and transforms time, and how we stand at every moment on the frontier of time.

Although this is a five session Vantage Point course, we would suggest that participants take as much time as needed to grasp the depth of the material. After all, our awareness of time, in all its fullness, determines the depth of our own lives.

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