How Do I Start

All Centerpoint resources are designed to help participants gain new insights into themselves and their lives, and to discover their own way to keep communications open between consciousness and the unconscious world.

If you are an individual
Just Beginning? Order Questpoint, a 9-session course on three CDs, for a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand introduction to the language and concepts of Jungian psychology.

Familiar with the language?

Order The Threshold, a 5-session course, which provides a foundation for successive advanced courses. Listen to the content and reflect on it. Use the manual to guide you and give yourself time to journal your response to questions at key points within each session.

For all orders
Allow 7-12 days for delivery.
If you have questions…
or would like to discuss an aspect or its application to life, please send an email to

If you are starting a small group study
Ask interested members to download Introduction to Centerpoint. If this explanation resonates with their interest in spiritual and personal development, please continue.

Explain that Centerpoint group sessions are not encounter groups or therapy sessions. Members take responsibility for their own relationship to the material and respect the individual nature of this developing relationship in others. Journals and dream records are recommended as private endeavors, to be shared on a voluntary basis and with respect for boundaries and confidentiality. Members are encouraged to share their responses as “I” statements. Dialogue focuses on listening and understanding each contribution. Contradictory or opposing perspectives are honored, not debated or eliminated.
Where to start?

Review recommendations for beginners and those familiar with the language shown above. Decide your starting point.
How to order?
Ask each member to purchase the course online or submit a multiple order for the entire group.

You can also order by Mail
Centerpoint Foundation International
300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 213
Casselberry, FL 32707

Phone 407-574-6347
Fax 407-386-6720

Allow 7-12 days for delivery.

Your first meeting
Set up an orientation meeting. Preview the course materials. Establish a regular meeting time and place. Sessions may take from two to three hours, depending on the discussions generated. We encourage the leadership of the individual sessions to rotate among members.

If you have questions…or would like to discuss an aspect, its application to life, or group dynamics, please send an email to

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