Perchance To Dream

Starting from where “These All-Uniting Depths” ends, this course provides practical and structured approaches for working with your dreams. Based on actual dreams, you will study both the classical approaches to dream work—association, amplification, compensation and personification—and the non-interpretive ones: “when/then.” imaginal, and dream structure.

The course gets down to business, starting with the dream of a housewife in her late twenties, a quick analysis, and the invitation to experience first-hand our own ego’s frenetic resistance to unconscious contents. Hartman debunks misconceptions about dreams and builds a working knowledge of four classical approaches to interpretation in each succeeding session. He covers, in depth:
  • Association
  • Amplification
  • Compensation
  • Personification

Hartman uses dreams throughout to illustrate the application of these mental disciplines. He suggests exercises that build your skill in interpretation and analysis. He also provides additional strategies, such as “When/Then,” the imaginal approach and an understanding of dramatic structure.

About the Author: Gary Hartman is a graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute of Zurich and has been in analytic practice since 1979. He has taught and facilitated dream groups since 1984 and presented the material in this course at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich. His articles and translations have appeared in Spring and Quadrant.

Perchance To Dream Workbook
Author: Gary V. Hartman Narrator: Gary V. Hartman Sessions: 5 Suggested Time: 2 hours per session Spiral Bound
Price: $30.00
Perchance to Dream PDF Digital Download

Price: $21.00
Perchance To Dream CDs
Author: Gary V. Hartman For those who wish to listen to the course content and follow along with the workbook, this 3 CD set can be added for $30. Narrator: Gary V. Hartman Sessions: 5
Price: $30.00
Perchance to Dream MP3 Digital Download

Price: $20.00

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