Quest­point is designed for peo­ple with lit­tle or no psy­cho­log­i­cal back­ground. The course paints Jung’s pri­mary concepts—individuation, the ego, shadow, per­sona, anima and ani­mus, psy­cho­log­i­cal types, dreams, mythology—in broad brush strokes. In nine ses­sions par­tic­i­pants acquire a sound ori­en­ta­tion to Jun­gian thought and become famil­iar with some of the pil­lars of the psy­cho­log­i­cal and the mytho­log­i­cal world. For those who wish to hear the course con­tent and fol­low along with the work­book, the 3 CD set can be added.

Summary of Contents Below

Questpoint Workbook
Author: Chan­dler Brown and Elsom Eldridge 9 Ses­sions Spiral Bound
Price: $45.00


Questpoint PDF Digital Download

Price: $20.00
Questpoint CDs
For those who wish to listen to the course content and follow along with the Workbook, this 3 CD set can be added for $30. Author: Chan­dler Brown and Elsom Eldridge Nar­ra­tor: Stephen Robin Ses­sions: 9
Price: $30.00


Questpoint Mp3 Digital Download

Price: $16.00

Summary of Contents

Ses­sion 1
The Real­ity of the Psy­che
A View of Mythol­ogy
Cre­ative Work
Find­ing a Stand­point

Ses­sion 2
The Ego and Its Devel­op­ment
Dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion of One­self from Oth­ers
Cut­ting the Sil­ver Cord
Cre­ative Work
The Persona—The Mask One Wears
Redis­cov­ery of Lost Qualities

Ses­sion 3
The Shadow—What and Why It Is
Pro­jec­tion of the Shadow
Story of Cinderella’s Sis­ters
Liv­ing with the Shadow
Cre­ative Work

Ses­sion 4
Psy­cho­log­i­cal Types
Think­ing, Feel­ing, Sen­sa­tion, Intu­ition
Cre­ative Work

Ses­sion 5
Under­stand­ing Chil­dren in Terms of Psy­cho­log­i­cal Types
Adult Rela­tion­ships and Types
Cre­ative Work

Ses­sion 6
The Fem­i­nine in a Male; The Mas­cu­line in a Female
Symp­toms of Poor Rela­tion­ships to One’s Con­tra­sex­ual
The Sleep­ing Beauty

Ses­sion 7
Male-Female Relationships—Problems of
Pro­jec­tion of the Anima/Animus
Com­ing to Terms with Anima/Animus
Cre­ative Work

Ses­sion 8
Dreams—Reality of, Func­tion of, Explo­ration
The Form Dreams Take
Cre­ative Work

Ses­sion 9
The Indi­vid­u­a­tion Process
Reflec­tions of a Per­son in Mid­dle of Life
Review of the Struc­ture of the Psy­che
The Call of the Self
Cre­ative Work
Dia­gram of the Psych


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