Questpoint Transcripts

Author: Chandler Brown and Elsom Eldridge

Narrator: Stephen Robin
Sessions: 9
Transcript Length: 71
Compact Discs (Sold Separately): 3

Questpoint Workbook
Questpoint Workbook
Author: Chan­dler Brown and Elsom Eldridge 9 Ses­sions Spiral Bound

Summary of Contents

Session 1
The Reality of the Psyche
A View of Mythology
Creative Work
Finding a Standpoint

Session 2
The Ego and Its Development
Differentiation of Oneself from Others
Cutting the Silver Cord
Creative Work
The Persona—The Mask One Wears
Rediscovery of Lost Qualities

Session 3
The Shadow—What and Why It Is
Projection of the Shadow
Story of Cinderella’s Sisters
Living with the Shadow
Creative Work

Session 4
Psychological Types
Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, Intuition
Creative Work

Session 5
Understanding Children in Terms of Psychological Types
Adult Relationships and Types
Creative Work

Session 6
The Feminine in a Male; The Masculine in a Female
Symptoms of Poor Relationships to One’s Contrasexual
The Sleeping Beauty

Session 7
Male-Female Relationships—Problems of
Projection of the Anima/Animus
Coming to Terms with Anima/Animus
Creative Work

Session 8
Dreams—Reality of, Function of, Exploration
The Form Dreams Take
Creative Work

Session 9
The Individuation Process
Reflections of a Person in Middle of Life
Review of the Structure of the Psyche
The Call of the Self
Creative Work
Diagram of the Psyche

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