The Threshold

The Threshold is the doorway to discerning the basic understandings that motivate us—the ones we’ve absorbed and the ones we’ve chosen as our own. The course looks at bits and pieces: life and death, psychology and religion, Norse mythology and Russian fairy tales, the Bible and the Upanishads, the Gnostics and modern physics.

The Threshold is the recommended starting point of the Vantage Point series. It surveys the terrain of mythology and religious tradition in a way that allows each individual to discover a perspective or “vantage point” that is uniquely one’s own. The first session offers insights from Joseph Campbell, Elaine Pagels, and C. G. Jung. They inspire the hard work of integrity the conscious connection to the soul or, in Jung’s terms, the Self.

As successive sessions explore the heroes, heroines and demons in an array of world mythologies, we become aware that the dynamics of legends are the dynamics of individuation. We find our contemporary struggles embedded within the wisdom of ancestral journeys.

The Threshold offers a place to pause “to stand consciously between the opposites of inner and outer, past and present, instinct and spirit” and find our vantage point. The content and its interactive delivery imbues us with the confidence to mediate inner forces that ignite, conflict, and inspire our dream and waking states.

About the Author: In the late 1950s, Chandler Brown worked with William Kennedy, the first president of the C. G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology based in New York City. In 1960, she became Associate Director of the Educational Center and pioneered in communicating Jung’s insights in ways that welcomed and engaged people from all walks of life. She continued this mission as Director of Centerpoint from 1977 to 1994.

The Threshold Workbook
Author: Chandler Brown Sessions: 5 Suggested Time: 2 hours per session Spiral Bound
Price: $30.00
The Threshold PDF Digital Download

Price: $21.00
The Threshold CDs
For those who wish to listen to the course content and follow along with the workbook, this 3 CD set can be added for $30. Author: Chandler Brown Narrator: Stephen Robin Sessions: 5
Price: $30.00
The Threshold MP3 Digital Download

Price: $20.00

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