Centerpoint II

Centerpoint II explores the why of individuation, the path to wholeness and the architecture of the archetypal world. You become familiar with the works of M. Esther Harding, Gerhard Adler, Erich Neumann, Shelia Moon, June Singer, David Hart and Eleanor Bertine. (18 Sessions)

Centerpoint provides a context for individuals to move toward wholeness, a process C. G. Jung called “individuation.” In the words of its authors, the course offers no absolutes, but the use of models…

be they from the areas of myth, fairy tale, psychology or whatever, [Centerpoint] suggests that they be used as mirrors reflecting inner reality rather than as telescopes clarifying external truth. Through this kind of process, we may be able to build up a store of resources … We hope to provide a variety of channels of expression—dialogue, individual writing, music and some creative activities as well.

In this type of process things will often not seem to be rationally or logically perfectly clear. Wagner once wrote of his operas, “I believe it was sound instinct which set me on my guard against an undue enthusiasm for making things clear, for I have come to the firm conclusion that to make my intention too obvious would get in the way of a genuine understanding. In drama and art, generally the way to make an effect is not by arguing an opinion but by putting forward something instinctive.” And, we would add, as in drama and art, so in life.

Centerpoint II has the same format as its predecessor, Centerpoint I, and it brings to you material that covers the same basic psychic elements of Dr. Jung’s theories—ego, persona, shadow, and more, but at a much deeper level. This depth is achieved through writings of such authors as Dr. Jung, Frances Wickes, Mary Ester Harding and Helen Luke, whose words are timeless. The beginning of this journey starts with “The Experience of Knowing”, “The Experience of Being Known”, and “The Experience of Knowing With”, by Dr. Edward F. Edinger. It is followed by “The Path to Wholeness” by Dr. David Hart. Further sessions discuss dreams, anima/animus, relationships and making choices which help to bring more awareness of unknown elements that affect our lives. Centerpoint II is an exciting and encouraging course that will expand your knowledge and experience of Jung’s psychology.

Summary of Contents Below

Centerpoint II Workbook
Author: Chandler Brown and Elsom Eldridge Sessions: 18 Suggested Time: 2 hours per session Spiral Bound
Price: $65.00


Centerpoint II PDF Digital Download

Price: $33.00
Centerpoint II CDs
Authors: Chandler Brown and Elsom Eldridge Narrators: Chandler Brown and Kenneth Brown Sessions: 18 on 10 Compact Discs
Price: $60.00


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Summary of Contents

Glossary of Jungian terms
Diagram and Description of the Psyche

  • Session 1:
    Intro to Centerpoint II
    “The Development of Personality”
  • Session 2
    The Ego
  • Session 3
    “The Symptoms as Spur”
    “Why Individuation?”
    “Experience of Knowing”
    “Experience of Being Known”
    “Experience of Knowing Within”
  • Session 4
    “Such Stuff as Dreams”
    Jung on Dreams
  • Session 5
    The Shadow
    The Tempest
  • Session 6
    The Path to Wholeness
  • Session 7
    The Stranger in Women’s Dreams
  • Session 8
    The Anima
  • Session 9
    Active/Passive Identifications of Anima/Animus
  • Session 10
    Friend and Foe as Mirror of Oneself
  • Session 11
    Enemies of Choice
  • Session 12
    Enemies of Choice (continued)
  • Session 13
    Fire and the Cow
  • Session 14
    Man-Woman Models
  • Session 15
    Psyche Unbound
  • Session 16
    The King
  • Session 17
    The Archetypal World
  • Session 18
    The X in the Calculation

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