Dreams: These All-Uniting Depths

The subject is dreams. The sessions include material about the Gnostic, Jewish and Jungian perspectives of dreams and the individual’s relationship to them. You learn to work with your dreams.

Throughout the ages and across cultures, humankind has always been fascinated by dreams, the penetrating dramas performed for the “audience” within us that is only awake when we sleep. What do we know about this third level of consciousness that invites our senses and emotions to witness the ordered unfolding of images and movement choreographed from the mystery within? From what depths of self do these images arise? Who or what intimate dream-maker designs these private showings? What do they mean? What is their function in our individual journeys? How can we interpret their meaning?

These questions and more are explored in depth in From These All Uniting Depths.

Focused through the prismatic lens of Jungian psychology, the course describes dreams as providing a self-regulating function to psychic development. Through them, the dreamer is invited to an enhanced understanding of life situations or dilemmas. According to Jung, the dream is a theater in which the dreamer himself is the scene, the playwright, the producer, the author and the audience.

From These All Uniting Depths explores the relationship of the dream to an individual’s life, the process of individuation, the collective unconscious, archetypes and the mythological themes hidden within dream sequences. The sessions suggest techniques to interpret the meaning of dreams and deepen the dialogue with the unconscious. This becomes the foundation for more advanced work with Perchance to Dream: Working with Your Own Dreams.

About the Author: In the late 1950s, Chandler Brown worked with William Kennedy, the first president of the C. G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology based in New York City. In 1960, she became Associate Director of the Educational Center and pioneered in communicating Jung’s insights in ways that welcomed and engaged people from all walks of life. She continued this mission as Director of Centerpoint from 1977 to 1994.

Helpful Prerequisites:
     The Threshold
     The Nessus Shirt
     Gods, Memory and Me
From These All-Uniting Depths Workbook
Author: Chandler Brown Narrator: Stephen Robin Sessions: 5 Suggested Time: 2 hours per session Spiral Bound
Price: $30.00
Dreams: These All Uniting Depths PDF Digital Download

Price: $21.00
From These All-Uniting Depths CDs
For those who wish to listen to the course content and follow along with the workbook, this 3 CD set may be added for $30. Author: Chandler Brown Narrator: Stephen Robin Sessions: 5
Price: $30.00


Dreams: These All Uniting Depths MP3 Digital Download

Price: $20.00

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